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    Wrinkle Brain Comment:

    Omg did no one absolutely no one read about Evergrande??? Like enough with these posts.

    Evergrande was china's largest bond issuer... Tons of CCP (Chinese commercial paper, that's worthless now due to the default)

    Insiders dumping bonds, have lost 60%+ of their value

    Chinese banks no longer allowed to give mortgages to customers buying those ghost apartments.

    7th largest property developer in the world

    Lost 80% of its share price in july/August ( warning signs were then....)

    The Entire Chinese junk bond market will collapse if the CCCP allows Evergrandes demise

    Evergrande is no longer allowed to issue bonds, so they have flooded the market with Short term CP (commercial paper) instead to stay afloat(until now)

    Tether is 80% of BTC (b coin) Volume.

    Even if Tether once had 64 billion dollars, the value of their ccp would put them down 30%, and at least 50% since it's Evergrande.

    There's no way to exit such a substantial position holding this amount of junk commercial paper.

    If evergrande goes bankrupt (which they did yesterday insert Michael Scott screaming bankruptcy) TETHER GOES TO 0 ZERO.

    If/ when tether goes to zero, 80% of Crypt0 volume disappears overnight (which is what we're seeing)

    Bitfinex will dump their 200k b coin holdings as executives try and flee..

    Tether exchanges would definitely follow, they Hold around 600k b coin

    Confidence will be destroyed as institutional idiots realize they have done no DD on Crypt0 and just fomo'd green lines

    Big bags will have to be liquidated- MSTR Will collapse and liquidators will come for their 110k bt c Desperate to sell before the market collapses to try and recoup the $500m SECURED bonds.

    Nadaq will dump

    S&P will dump

    Market wide correction of at Least 20% as overleveraged institutions get margin called.

    US junk bond market defaults will become widespread

    Interest rates on those junk bonds sky rocket

    Companies unable to rollover over debt

    Even profitable companies will have to reign in dividends, buybacks, cut spending to pay down the debt load

    PE skyrockets 08' style as earnings collapse.

    Without buy backs the no dividends ponzi mechanics of the US stock market falters

    We're here. And no one absolutely no one has bothered to research any of it... the great reset is here people...

    hab denn stream auch immer mal wieder laufen, sind echt lustige kleine Freigeister.

    Hannes und der schöne micha haben geilen Humor.

    werewolf würd ich gern selbst mal spielen, aber hab keine freunde dafür. xD